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Social Media Marketing is a core part of your overall marketing plan. It’s about telling unique brand stories that engage your audience, running powerful campaigns that connect with the emotions of your customers, and also delivering value. Finally, it is about marketing your brand and building trust. Justwords is a social media agency that does exactly that.

Work with the Best Social media marketing company in Gurgaon: The Justwords’ approach

Gurgaon is a bustling city which has also emerged as one of the prime economic and commercial hubs of India. Home to hundreds of multinational and major industries, this city also boasts of a vibrant food and art culture and worldclass infrastructure. The energy and opportunities available in this city has made it one of the go-to-places for running a business. Whether it’s an existing brand or a small business in Gurgaon, the top priority remains – ‘how to make the business stand out online’.

Before you start looking for the best social media marketing agency in Gurgaon, let us understand a few things. Social media is a lot of things wrapped into one. It is a content distribution platform, a content megaphone, a research and comparison tool, a discovery and an awareness tool, a sales tool and an employee engagement tool as well as a customer service channel. These many facets of social media makes it vitally important for any business, since it creates multiple touchpoints for the target audience. In order to leverage the benefits of social media marketing, a business needs to understand what is social media’s role within the buyer’s journey. That is where Justwords comes in.

With over 12 years of digital and content marketing expertise, Justwords has grown along the social media ecosystem. We have emerged as the go-to social media agency in Gurgaon. We have helped several businesses leverage the benefits of social media and improve brand awareness and generate leads. Our passion for content marketing, design and data has made us one of the leading social media optimisation company in Gurgaon. Give us a ring today to beat your competitors!

Our approach as a social media agency

When Justwords offers social media marketing services in Gurgaon, the approach is always to understand the customer’s pain point and what is she looking for, and then use social media as a medium to educate and build trust. In the process, we move the prospect or customer down the customer’s journey of awareness to consideration to desire to purchase.
This is the approach that we follow for social media marketing in Gurgaon:-

Setting Social Media Goals

- What is the objective.
- What does the brand want to achieve through social.
- What kind of metrics need to be tracked.

Understanding the Target Audience Across Channels

- Who are we targeting.
- What social media channels will they interact with most.
- What kind of content do they like.
- What problems can you solve for your audience.
- Where are they in the buyer journey now.

Defining the Brand Voice

- How will the brand be positioned in social media.
- What will be the tone that will be used.
- What will be the style of communication.
- What kind of messaging or emotions does the brand want to portray.

Content Planning

- What kind of content (text and visual) will be created.
- What will be the main content buckets.
- What will be the productions schedule.
- The types of content marketing to be used.
- Is social ad tracking set up.

Content Production and Schedule

- Which copywriters and designers to use.
- Who will helm the social media accounts.
- How will the workflow happen.
- Is the campaign syncing with other marketing campaigns.
- What is needed from clients to ensure smooth workflow.

Analysing the Data; Measuring Metrics

- What is data telling us channel performance.
- Which content is performing good and why.
- Is the ad set performing and why not.
- Which design has more engagement.
- What is working and what is not.

Our social media marketing services in Gurgaon

At Justwords, we strive to cover your social media marketing on all fronts. With 12 years of experience, a deep bench of social media experts, and a hands-on management approach, we'll ensure end-to-end success for your social media marketing campaign. Our social media marketing services include:-

Social Media Management

Our team of social media experts, designers, copywriters, and strategist, do the heavy lifting involved in getting your social media account in tip-top shape. From taking care of your day-to-day activities related to your social media marketing goals, we will be optimising your campaigns or set up new campaigns, monitor performance KPIs, tweak various aspects of the marketing plan for maximum results, take care of audience growth and insight analysis.

Social Media Content Development

300 feet of content is what an average viewer scrolls through each day. How do you get him to stop and notice your business? Justwords has a full inhouse team of creative people to ensure that happens. From snazzy copy, to good design, to witty campaigns, interesting video snippets and quizzes, the creative team is always making sure that your audience remains engaged more than ever.

Social Media Monitoring/ORM

Your brand reputation online matters a lot, if you want prospects and customers and fans to trust you and buy from you. To maintain that reputation, you need to actively monitor the response to your brand. Justwords’ ORM team constantly monitors and responds to comments and queries that are being posted online on your brand channels. We create well-written, original responses that accurately represent your brand image.


Social Media Advertising is becoming more profitable in Gurgaon than ever before. At JustWords, we strive to make your social media ads even more profitable. To help generate more quality leads and maximize the other benefits of paid ads for your business, we'll select the most viable channels, finetune your ad target, and create irresistible ad copies.

Social Media Strategy

To maximize your potentials for capturing, compelling, and converting quality leads, we'll help you craft and implement a well-planned and researched social media strategy.
We'll help you map out a clear path linking up your social media activities with your marketing campaign goals, marketing budget, and overall business objectives.


With our hands-on approach to social media management, we'll help you build and grow a highly-engaged following. We'll turn your social media handle to a customer support hub.
By actively engaging your customers across various social platforms, we can shape your customer experience for the better, improving customer satisfaction and inspiring brand loyalty.

Brand awareness

Chances are your business isn't getting the level of attention it deserves in Gurgaon if you don't have a robust presence on social media. We can help distinguish your brand on social media through captivating content, distinctive visuals, and other proven branding tactics. Increased brand awareness means a boost to your credibility, competitiveness, and conversion.


Content is at the front and center of every content marketing strategy. We've got you covered on this front as well. With over 50% of buyers in Gargoan basing their purchase decisions on what they find on social media, we'll use social media content to position your business as the go-to brand in your niche.

Creative design

Social media platforms are heavily media-oriented, and visual content is crucial to your brand's attractiveness. We'll help mark your brand apart with remarkable visuals.
Our seasoned graphics pros will help you generate high-quality visual content, from official brand graphics like logos and signatures to feature images, explanatory videos, and lots more.

Facebook marketing

Facebook users act differently on the platform compared to users on other platforms. Our dedicated team of Facebook experts are well-versed with the buyer behaviors of social media users in Gargaon and beyond.
We'll help you optimize your Facebook handle, leverage pages and groups to drive engagement, and run well-planned organic and paid ad campaigns.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram has one of the largest bases of active users of any social media platform. It's one of the best hunting grounds for all kinds of leads. We'll help you leverage Instagram's buyer traffic to grow your business, exploring features like gallery posts, Instagram stories, Insta ads, user-generated content, and lots more.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for generating B2B leads. We'll help you run a robust online presence on LinkedIn, posting authoritative content regularly, participating in relevant discussions, and sharing captivating stories. We'll make you a voice to reckon with on LinkedIn, boosting your credibility and prominence on the platform.

YouTube marketing

Video marketing has been on a meteoric rise in the past few years, and YouTube has been at the forefront of it. YouTube marketing is a different kettle of fish altogether, requiring a different set of management skills and engagement tactics.
JustWords is the YouTube marketing partner you can trust to optimize and manage your YouTube channels successfully.

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Reasons to Choose Justwords as your Gurgaon social media company

1. Award-winning Team

In the last 12 years, we have built a talented team of social media managers, designers, content marketers, copywriters and editors who have worked hard to help us get rated as a top social media company in Gurgaon and a content marketing leader globally. At Justwords, the mantra is always to walk the extra mile for client satisfaction and that is what the team lives by. As a social media marketing partner, we always believe in working together, sharing suggestions, seeking the right information and working together for success.

2. Reliable & Responsible

We understand that every business needs timely deliveries for every campaign. Time in invaluable in every marketing campaign. This is why our social media marketing team makes sure that we share accurate timelines for each delivery and goal. After our project management team assesses your business’s requirement, we create a detailed project execution plan that helps the whole team maintain the timelines of the project. At Justwords, we make sure we live up to our commitments.

3. Transparency & Ethical

The biggest reason we have been in the industry for 12 long years is client trust. Transparency might be one of the biggest issues that business owners might face when working with a social media agency. With Justwords, you can be assured that all our work that gets done, especially our reporting, is totally transparent. Ask us the questions, and we give you the answer. We make sure you know what strategy we are taking to grow your online presence and the results we are achieving.

4. Tailormade Solution

Every business who works with Justwords gets a customised solution. Our social media strategy is built based on data and thorough research and industry best practices. Our social media experts in Gurgaon constantly survey competitor behaviour and their online strategies. The Justwords team makes sure that every new tweak or change in social media algorithms is taken care of in the strategy and content. Social media strategies are analysed time and again so that they remain relevant to the goals of our clients.


Social media optimization is a digital marketing strategy that is aimed to increase awareness and engagement for your brand through specific techniques on social media. SMO involves analysing, monitoring and moderating a brand’s interaction across social media networks. It goes beyond just optimizing social media content and encompasses a range of methods and tactics for improving search visibility and driving lead generation across various social media platforms.
Common SMO tactics include:

● Crafting platform-specific marketing strategies for the different social media platforms, from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.
● Encouraging and monitoring brand mentions in groups and communities
● Running highly-targeted influencer marketing campaigns
● Managing negative comments and news
● Tracking engagement metrics and social media trends

Simply put, a social media agency helps businesses excel with their social media marketing campaigns. They help brands build deeper connections with their audience and maintain high levels of engagement across various social media platforms. Social media agencies offer tools and expertise for assessing, optimizing, and monitoring social media campaigns to bring them closer to their goals. The main things done by a social media agency to support a business are the following -
● Creation of social media strategy
● Production of the right kind of content for social media posts
● Designing visuals for the content like videos, GIFs, graphics, infographics, reels, etc
● Publishing the posts
● Carrying out activities to promote the posts and increase engagement
● Other SMO activities like listening, monitoring, tracking data, tweaking strategy
● Running social media advertisements for lead generation

To help businesses with all of this, a social media agency works with:

● A deep understanding of your goals, target audience, and unique brand experience
● A strategy for approaching your social media marketing goals
● A well-thought out plan putting your social media strategy to work
● Regular reporting and an open line of communication to keep you posted all the way

Hiring the best social media agency in Gurgaon or any city depends on the kind of budgets you have as well as the kind of marketing partner you want to work with. However, here are the basics that you should consider.

1. What is your goal - For example, if your major goal is running paid advertisement campaigns, then you should be looking for an agency which is strong in performance marketing. However, if you are looking for organic and inorganic growth, and looking for skillsets in design, content, content marketing and paid marketing, then it is better to look for an agency that specialises in all those skills.

2. What is your budget - Close on a budget you are comfortable with and then start shopping around for someone who is closer to what you can afford. While you will always get a cheap and affordable agency, focus on an agency which has experience in the skills sets you need.

3. What is their Experience: Look at their portfolio of work, the industries they have worked in, the results they have achieved, the testimonials from clients, their work done on different social media accounts etc. A good social media agency will talk about strategy, the overall things needed to achieve the goals, and do an audit of the full website and provide overall recommendations as well.

4. How do they work: Understand how do they work. During interviews, ask them questions in areas like capabilities, culture fit, communication, and commitment.

This answer depends mostly on what is your requirement. Also, it will depend on whether you are hiring a small size agency or a large corporate agency.

If you are a small business and looking for basic to moderate packages of social media marketing (which includes mostly content creation, visual design, strategy, marketing) then this should cost somewhere between Rs 25,000-Rs 45,000 (minus GST). This is ofcourse, not including paid ads marketing.

If you are looking for advanced social media marketing packages that include content creation, design and graphics that include a variety of visual formats, ORM, content and social media marketing strategy, data analysis etc, then the package is likely to vary between Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh. Again the final budget will depend on the number of visuals that have to be created, and the budget to boost your content, as well as your paid ad budget.

Some of the benefits that businesses often report gaining from social media marketing include:-

● Improved brand recognition and awareness
● Deeper insights into the minds of customers
● A deeper connection with audiences cultivated using original stories and authentic interactions
● Enhanced trustworthiness leading to better conversion rates
● A proactive customer care significantly increasing customer satisfaction
● A more profitable retargeting campaign cutting down the cost of customer acquisition
● Healthier overall returns on investment compared to many other marketing channels
● Stronger brand loyalty driven by high levels of brand engagement and satisfaction among customersundefined